Dronex 360

Lexington's Renegade, In His Own Words. The CEO of street art collective Dronex Inc. examines the growth and limitations of his work.

Produced by Lee Mengistu and Kaitlin Coward, photographed by Joshua Qualls and edited by Harrison Stiles.

This Is LYON

Tamika Dozier was tired of the culture of revenge porn and body-shaming she witnessed on social media.

To combat the problem, she launched the Leak Your Own Nudes and #ThirstTrapForACause campaigns.

They gained so much traction on Facebook, Dozier decided to host an art exhibit to celebrate the beauty of the black female body. This is LYON.

Produced by Lee Mengistu, photographed by Kaitlyn Coward and Harrison Stiles, and edited by Joshua Qualls.

Welcome to Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Habitat & Rescue is a nonprofit wolf sanctuary in Brookville, Indiana, about an hour northwest of Cincinnati and two hours north of Lexington.

Owners Kathy and Terry Baudendistel have been rescuing wolves and educating the public about them for more than 20 years, operating out of their home on little more than donations and the good will of a few local volunteers.

Produced, photographed, and edited by Joshua Qualls.